Information Technology

The CSP MGT LLC portfolio of companies is dedicated to delivering IT products and solutions that help customers scale their efforts—all while reimagining how work gets done and redefining how citizens are served.


Advanced Analytics – In today’s data-centric world, traditional approaches to analytics are no longer sufficient.  Akima offers advanced analytics capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that can help customers unlock the power of data and automate recommended actions to improve mission outcomes.

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Automation / Robotic Process Automation
  • Data Management
  • Research and Development
  • Strategy and Transformation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Modeling and Simulation

Cybersecurity – CSP MGT LLC is dedicated to helping agencies detect, pre-empt and thwart complex and evasive threats. We integrate cyber strength into a top down, holistic view—from policy and governance, to implementation, operations, and ongoing analytics—to ensure your networks remain safeguarded and in your control.

  • Assessments (Risk, Vulnerability, Compliance, etc.)
  • Compliance (Risk Management Framework, Policy Development, and Review)
  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning
  • Incident Response
  • Network Security Monitoring and Forensics
  • Operations
  • Training and Awareness

Enterprise IT – Today’s IT systems are required to be faster, more efficient, and more secure. The CSP MGT LLC portfolio of companies is helping agencies transform their existing infrastructure to reimagine workflows, enhance security, and improve overall delivery.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Database Management
  • Digital Services
  • Enterprise Design, Integration, and Consolidation
  • Next Generation Data Center Services
  • Help Desk Support

IT Products – Whether you’re looking for hardware and software, or equipment and peripherals, we offer direct access to thousands of IT products from leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Dell, HPE, Oracle, Splunk, and more.

IT Services Management – In today’s complex and dynamic environment, IT no longer serves as an enabler of agency missions—it is leading the way. The CSP MGT LLC portfolio of companies delivers end-to-end IT services that help agencies reduce costs, improve availability, and maintain compliance.


We ensure mission success, operational efficiency, and cost savings for our customers.