Facility Management Support Services encompasses all activities related to keeping a complex operating. Facilities include jails, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, retail establishments, schools, universities and all other government institutions.

CSP MGT LLC provides operating staff to perform a combination of support services within a client’s facilities. Establishments in this industry typically provide a combination of services, such as janitorial, maintenance, trash disposal, guard and security, mail routing, reception, laundry, and related services to support operations within facilities. CSP MGT LLC provides operating staff to carry out these support activities.
Facilities support services span many avenues and require a wealth of knowledge, experience, skills, and equipment to meet the requirements. Here’s a look at some of the broad-ranging service CSP MGT LLC provides.

  • In-house staff: These are individuals on-staff, generally tasked with routine, low-level maintenance. Staff may include special craftspeople if operations demand it.
  • Janitorial services: Janitorial staff take care of routine cleaning and sanitization, to keep facilities clean and employees in good health on a day-to-day basis.
  • Grounds maintenance and landscaping: Groundskeeping staff oversee campus maintenance and upkeep of all exterior foliage and hardscaping.
  • Private security services: This may include on-site security guards, cybersecurity firms, campus security, and access control experts tasked with employee safety.
  • Waste management services: Waste management considers routine disposal and haulage needs, dependent on the waste generated by facilities.
  • Seasonal service providers: These professionals may include everything from seasonal landscapers to energy efficiency experts who tend to season-specific building needs.
  • Tradespeople and craftspeople: Plumbers, HVAC techs, carpenters, electricians, and other tradespeople define this essential group of support service partners.

There’s an even broader scope of support service partners out there, dependent on the needs of each company or building type. Examples include testing and inspections experts for environmental health and safety initiatives, and even legal and administrative partners to advise on special aspects of building upkeep and maintenance.